A number of companies, especially start-ups start their digital marketing with an in-house team and with a shoe-string budget. As the company grows, more people are hired and business owners often think if they can grow their business by hiring a digital marketing agency.

Well, yes, any company can grow by leaps and bounds – but only when a right agency is hired. A wrong digital marketing agency can endanger your reputation and tank your firm in no time.
Mentioned below are some of those signs that you need to look out for when hiring marketing companies around Cincinnati.

Never Fall In For a Cookie-Cutter Strategy
The needs of your business are unique. When you approach digital marketing agencies, a number of them pitch in routine strategies that they follow for every client and most of these also sound convincing. Before you hire a team, listen and understand the pitch and do not forget to ask a number of questions. This will help you understand the approach of the agency towards marketing your business.

The marketing strategy implemented needs to be in line with the product or services you provide, the location and the customer demographics. If you are hiring an agency that does not consider these factors, then you are just spending on the wrong things.

Stay Away from Agencies That Try and Dazzle You with Industry Terms
A number of digital marketing agencies try and sell similar services to all their clients. They often use dazzling terms related to the marketing industry that mean nothing at all but sound very impressive. Such agencies do not put in any hard work but instead, use automated methods to generate results within no time and convince you to think that they did all the work.

By hiring such a shady agency, you not only waste your time and money but also put your reputation at stake. Most of the automated reports generated are cheap and can often be obtained for free.

Remember that you do not need an agency to generate such reports; instead, you need an agency that can interpret such reports and come up with a well-planned strategy to market your business online.

Recommendation of Bad Channels
Every marketing agency specializes in certain channels and there is nothing about it. But an agency should never recommend only what they specialize in, instead, the focus needs to be on what the client actually needs.
For example, a number of agencies only sell SEO to small businesses that have a limited budget for marketing. However, a small business can easily get benefited from Google Adwords or Facebook Ads instead.

Remember that you are hiring a digital marketing agency to be the face of your business. They are the ones who will speak to your customers and help in building your brand. This makes it important to choose an agency that has a good track record and can provide marketing ideas that are tailored to your business.

When it comes to digital marketing, you need a team that can come up with fresh and unique ideas – not true and used.

Hair grooming for men is very straightforward and usually takes a few minutes. However, more men are becoming conscious about how they groom their hair. For example if you have sensitive skin, the chances of getting irritation on your skin are high, consequently, more men resort to using other alternatives which do not cause as much irritation and can be used on a daily basis.

You don’t have to suffer from the irritation, a change in your daily routine is what you need. If you are having a hard time choosing between the many different alternatives, here are some benefits of a trimmer that will sort out some of the problems you have. We present the peanut as the best option http://beardcareshop.com/wahl-professional-8685-peanut-classic-clipper-trimmer/.

Easy to use

For starters, beard trimmers are easy to use and you don’t have to constantly worry about hurting yourself in the process. Moreover, over time as you get more experience on using them, beard trimmers can be fun. With the pivoting head, that enhances flexibility, you have the power to trim your beard without having to worry about hurting yourself, you can have some fun with the trimmer by trying out different looks. Finally, unlike razors, you don’t have to use shaving cream, soap or gel.

Faster than manual alternatives

The other significant benefit of using a beard trimmer is that unlike razors, you don’t have to go over the same areas again and again to get the desired outcome. Trimmers roll up the hairs on the skin before cutting them uniformly. You only have so much time during the day to groom your beard, why stress yourself using different odds and end up with hicks and ingrown hairs? What’s more, consistency and speed of the blades on the trimmer can be adjusted.


Trimmers are handy, small and cut hair to the desired size without necessarily touching the skin. Therefore, a trimmer can be used to cut down pubic hair, armpit hair, and chest hairs too. Cutting the hair aloft coming into contact with the skin makes trimmers safe for use in areas where other alternatives might hurt you. Additionally, it is the best alternative when dry shaving and gives a symmetric trim with its inbuilt adjustable equipment.

It saves your wallet

One of the best benefits when using a beard trimmer is the fact that it is cheaper in the long run. Sure, the cost of a single razor is relatively lower than that of a trimmer, but when other necessities such as shaving brush, strop, and razors inserted on the cartridges are added to the equation, getting a trimmer, bearing in mind that it does not need constant replacement, will save a lot of money.

Getting rid of the hicks, bumps and ingrown hair 

The other neat advantage of using a trimmer is the ability to shave countless without developing any irritation. Dead cells often accumulate around improperly cut hair which causes bumps and rashes. Since the beard trimmers cut your hair uniformly with a single pass, you won’t have to experience the annoying irritation and redness. Additionally, with a trimmer, you can exfoliate your skin. Because of the adjustable feature, you can easily get rid of the dead skin cells if need be.

There you go, those are the advantages of using a trimmer. Their main selling point is that they are cheaper, cleaner and faster than the other alternatives. Since they use electricity they are portable and environmentally friendly. If you have any comments or questions please let us know.

It is mandatory for a citizen of the The United States of the United States of America to have a social security card. This is because it is a very important document especially when one wants to be employed. This is because it is one of the requirements for one to be granted a job as from their salaries a portion of it is usually taken and reserved for that individual to help them during their retirement or also from incapacitation from work activities.

Can anyone replace a temporary social security card without a birth certificate? This is an ever-recurring debate that cannot be wished away. However, in order for anyone to get this card, they require several important documents for this purpose. This includes the birth certificate. This is one of the most basic documents any parent should strive to get for their kids. This goes without saying, as in the case of getting an individual social security card it cannot be wished away in any sense.

It is the most fundamental document in proving ones’ citizenship as it explicitly states the date, month and the year of birth of a child, the specific part of the country where the child was born and it also gives a proper identification as from which genealogy an individual comes from.

Citizenship is described as the individual relationship a person does shares with his country and strikes the chords of nationalism and personal responsibility, duties, and rights that they hold to their country’. Citizenship, therefore, gives a person a right to contribute to the growth of the nation, this is why by having a birth certificate a persons’ social security card can be easily processed. This card, therefore, is a way of striking a balance between who can be accepted to work in the country is very important in the country as the country owes its citizens a greater priority to them getting jobs as compared to others who might be immigrants into the country.

The other very important thing that is required by the Social Security department in the USA that prompts the need of having a valid certificate of birth is the matter of age. Age is very characteristic in the employment sphere. This is because it helps to know when an individual is going to retire from employment. This will enable the department to plan adequately on how the spread of money from their meaningful years in employment can be pooled together to facilitate payment of the individual lump sum pension in full.

The other very important aspect on this aspect of age is to help determine how the government is going to balance the rates of tax to be charged on the working class in order for them to have a deserving retirement.

The other very key aspect that necessitates the reason why having a birth certificate helps the Social Security department is that, it helps to know how to relieve a cash crunch in the Treasury Department that will help to pay off various sums of pension to the employees. Through voluntary/early retirement for those who have reached! about to clock the recommended retirement age can be lured’ by attractive packages that can really help the government reduce the pressure on the government of paying pensions or helping those who have been incapacitated by their work. It still begs the question that can anyone replace their social security card without a birth certificate; this will not be correct as a lot of data necessary for government future planning will also be lost.

The SS-4 form is used to by an employer to apply for an Employer Identification Number or EIN. The EIN is issued by the Internal Revenue Service, a federal agency under the aegis of the government of the United States. The EIN is a nine digit numeric number that is assigned to employers, corporations, estates, sole proprietors, trusts and similar bodies for tracking and reporting functions.

In large organizations dealing with the huge amount of paperwork almost on a daily basis can be quite a task unless you have a person or team that can take care of this for you. It is helpful here to hire the services of a SS-4 form processing agent to ensure that the SS-4 form and all related documentation and paperwork is streamlined and maintained up to date. In some cases, especially in larger companies, the sheer volume of paperwork is too much to keep track of unless you have someone for whom this is a core responsibility. Some companies can also have the additional task to digitize hundreds of offline forms, thus making them spreadsheet friendly. This can often prove to be a time consuming and labor intensive effort which requires dedicating a significant quantity of workforce to get done. As this may not prove to be the ideal solution for companies, the preference often is to hire the services of form processing agents to get the work done for them.

Here are some benefits of how an SS-4 form processing agent can help with at least a part of the unlimited number of documentation an organization needs to deal with, directly from federal-ein-application.com/irsein/irs-form-ss-4/.

1. Cost Effective – Just having one or two employees who deal with all SS-4 forms and related documents usually proves to be much easier than having to ask employees in your organization to routinely take out some time out from their regular responsibilities and ensure that documentation is in order. This not only affects their, and in turn, your organization’s productivity, but you may also very well end up paying a higher salaried employee to do a job that a SS-4 agent can do at a fraction of the cost

2) Talent and Expertise – At the end of the day, an agent who specializes in SS-4 form processing and other related documentation will have more understanding and expertise when it comes to these tasks than a generic employee who may specialize in another field all together. Not only are you having your documentation completed by someone who may have limited knowledge in the area, but the time consumed in getting documentation in order could very well be way more than what a qualified agent might take.

3) Customized Services – In most cases, when hiring an agent to help with your SS-4 form, he or she would probably also have a strong working knowledge of other or similar forms that your organization may need to submit. In such cases it is not uncommon to negotiate a customized package deal where, in addition to your SS-4 form, other documentation for your organization is also taken care of.

To sum up, hiring a SS-4 form processing agent takes a vital part of paperwork off your desk. Besides not having to undergo the uncertainty of possibly missing documents, it also saves you the headache of trying to keep track of the various deadlines for various government agencies, what has been submitted and what is coming up for renewal.

A new opportunity has crept up and you have to move to another city or you have some extra cash and want to move to a nicer place, buy a bigger house or need some cash fast and you thinking of liquidating one of your houses. Seems easy, right? you just put up the house for sale and buyers will flock to your doorstep with an offer. Well not quite so at all, as most house sellers will tell you its a long tedious wait. One can sell quite fast by lowering the price but you don’t want to do that do you? Let’s look at some tips on how to sell my house fast.

1. Find the right real estate broker
Fast selling mostly relies on finding the appropriate real estate broker to advertise your house to the most suitable buyers. You should do a little bit of survey and get to know which real estate broker or agent is good for you.

2. Set the right price
This might be the one thing that stalls the selling of the house. You need to know what is the best price for your house at the current market price. Pricing it too low makes people think that it might have a problem while pricing it too high lets people assume that you are not a serious buyer.

3. Know your homes selling point
That one intriguing thing about your house might just make it for you. Try and find at least two or three unique feature, it might be the awesome lighting of natural light, great view from the bedroom window or what actually caught your interest while buying the house.

4. Clean, Update and beautify the curb
Selling a house entails showing it to the buyer prior to any transactions and this is more or less an interview where the first thing the interviewer will see is your dressing and grooming and that sets the pace. For the house, you need to put in some effort to make it look appealing to the eye and inviting. Do some thorough cleaning or get a cleaning service to do it for you, give the house an updated look by repainting on some of the old looking paint, making it more colourfull. Don’t forget about the curb, give it a vibrant refreshing look. Remember, there is never a second chance for a first impression.

5. Depersonalize the house
The buyer is buying your house and not your home. On the day the buyer comes to view it, pull down all family portraits, personalized messages and any political material or religious wall hangings. This lets the buyer see a house and picture his or her home and not yours.

Extra tip: Not everyone loves pets and the sight of a pet or any sign that a pet might be living there may be the deal breaker, so just to be on the safe side, on the viewing day keep the pets away and all their paraphernalia.

Don’t overspend on trying to get a buyer because at the end after selling the house you might not be able to recover what you spent. With this tips and your beautiful house, the odds of you selling it have doubled.

Your Social Security card is a gate pass to be used in job application, filing of income taxes, opening a bank account, claiming your insurance benefits, among other important operations, therefore losing it would definitely rob you of your peace of mind, and you would want to get it replaced as quickly as possible. In the event that you lose or damage it in one way or another, here are some useful tips on replacing a Social Security card from https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/lost-and-replacement-social-security-cards/.

The people to contact are the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can replace your card for free online through their website, or through

physical visits to a local SSA office. It is important to note that there are differences in the processes of issuing new Social Security cards. Normally, just knowledge of your number suffices and therefore you shouldn’t be in a rush to acquire a new card, though potential employers insist on an actual card to prove legitimacy.

People that can prove that their number is being misused are usually given a new card and Social Security number. In the US, the SSA gives you the freedom to make up to three yearly replacements, and sets the maximum lifetime renewals to 10. However, legal name changes and immigration statuses requiring card updates are exempted from these rules.

The Replacement Process:

It is relatively easy and requires very little from you:

1. Put all your original documents together. The Social Security Administration will not accept any notarized or photocopied document. They will need these to prove:

-Age: That you have attained the legal age of 18. A US passport, religious records filed before age 5 with your birth date indicated, a US hospital birth record or birth certificate usually prove this.

– Identity: That you are who you claim to be by showing a US passport, a US driver’s license, school ID,Military ID, ID card issued by the State, or health insurance.

-Citizenship: That you are a fully-fledged citizen of the US by producing a US passport, or a US certificate of birth.

Please ensure that these documents are all updated as the SSA will not accept expired receipts or application documents. If you are an adult that is a foreign-born US citizen or non-citizen, additional or different documents altogether will be required to process your application. If you are looking to replace a social security card for a child, please visit the SSA website.

2. Apply online. If you are a US citizen of legal age with a driver’s license and a valid US mailing address, create a SSA account online and fill out every required detail on the Social Security card application form. You can submit the form upon completion.

3. Make a physical visit to the SSA office in your area. If you cannot make an online application, bring a print-out of your application to the nearest SSA office in your locality.

Ideally it should take around 10-14 business days after processing of application for your new card to be delivered to you but you can keep checking at the SSA’s office from time to time.

In this day and age businesses often tend to try and outcompete each other for customers. The competition can be so stiff such that if a business does not adapt then it might find itself being obsolete. However, even with this competition, a letter sign can be a simple viable survival solution. Letter signs are simply letters that can be used for signage in order to identify your retail store. They are a must have for any store that aims to leverage their benefits to survive the competition and even prosper to greater heights. Here are some benefits of having a letter sign for your retail store at atlanticsigncompany.com/cincinnati-channel-letter-signs/.

1. Letter signs are affordable.
Advertising is a strong asset for any business today. Traditional advertisement avenues such as newspapers, radio and television are very costly. Taking out adds with them added with the fact that some need repetition can prove expensive. In contrast, letter signs are usually affordable. Their prices vary depending on the material they are made from. All they need is just a one time purchase and installation and you are good to go. The competition between designers should also help you get one at cheaper rates.

2. They can enhance your brand image.
Reputation and perceptions often determine which brand customers will favour. To have your retail store as a preferred destination then you will need to employ some of the best designs so that they can attract customers. A good looking, friendly letter sign will appeal to customers who will want to come and check out your store. Studies have shown that nearly half the customers go to a store because of its signage. Without them that means you will be losing a considerable chunk of potential customers. Besides, they are very customizable such that they can be made to fit your requirements.

3. They can help you increase sales.
A good sign can definitely increase the sales of your retail store. This can be achieved by a number of ways. First, they help customers find or notice your store. Potential customers may be struggling to find a store but if you have a noticeable letter sign then they will be able to find your store and come to make a purchase. Besides, a good letter sign can encourage impulsive buying. Once people realize there is a store near them then they will be tempted to come and buy something.

4. They can be made more visible.
This can be achieved by employing LED lighting. For businesses that operate 24/7 they can come in handy as you can use them to help customers spot your business at night. Employing a range of noticeable colours can make your store more noticeable at any time of the day and even more attractive.

5. They are very durable.
Letter signs can last for a very long time once you put them up. They are made using different materials and you should pick the ones more suitable for you and your location. They can also be put up in certain ways to ensure they last long.

Almost every business today uses letter signs. This is due to the fact that they can be used to sustain and even grow a business by boosting sales and they are cheap to put up.

The last thing on your mind when moving to a new place is changing your mailing address. More pressing concerns like where to put the furniture, school for the kids and settling in take precedence but there lies a danger in failing to update your mailing address as soon as you settle in. The most common reason you may not have updated your mailing may be the exhaustion and stress of moving to a new place. Your friend, neighbor or colleague may give the excuse of lacking time to go down to the office while the other one may just not have gotten round to doing it yet, and the excuses may be endless. So simply go with https://www.change-of-address-online.com/addresschange/changeofaddress/ and get it over with.

“But really, what dangers lie in not updating my mailing address?” You may ask. Well, here are 3 that top the list and should get you to fill those forms ASAP. If not, they should at least push you to start thinking about incurring that $1 cost for the online change of address request application.

1. Missed Information. Your insurance company may not have your current mailing address and may use your previous address to send you crucial information about a filed claim. Yourjob application may have been successful and the Company uses your previous mailing address to send you the details for reporting to work, but you miss the opportunity because you moved to a different part of the city and did not update your mailing address. Am sure you get where this is going. Missing crucial information because it was sent to your previous address can be a life changing mistake.

2. Cost of time and money. Not updating your mailing address guarantees that you will miss out on moving tips, coupons or checklists that would have saved you money and time. Some websites provide the services of updating mailing addresses but they have an extra cost for their trouble. You will certainly miss out on the Mover’s Guide Packet that has the change of address application form (PS Form 3575) that would have saved your time. The cost of losing home insurance cover or credit rating by the bank because of inconsistent mailing information is quite dangerous.

3. Identity theft. Surprisingly, not updating your mailing address puts you at risk of identity theft from fraudsters and scammers at your previous address. Numerous complaints of receiving wrong mail are reported to the Postal Service daily. You may have even received mail belonging to the previous tenant of your current residence. That said, the person at your previous mailing address may not be as good as you are and may use your information to steal your identity. Identity thieves may even request for change of information from insurance companies or banks using mail sent to your previous address.

The dangers of not updating your mailing address should not be ignored because of the risk and threat they pose to your current lifestyle and future. Despite the risks with change of address forms and dangers posed to the safety of personal data and information, the danger of not updating your mailing address far surpasses that of doing it.

Water softening has become a common practice in this modern world. This process enables people to use less soap for washing among other things. This is possible as softened water contains no metal cations, calcium and magnesium. So, the question of interest is what are the benefits of using a water softener?

To gain a better understanding of the benefits, it is important to understand the difference between soft and hard water.

Hard Water vs Soft water

The major difference between the two is the content. Water is naturally soft but as it flows through the environment it absorbs different mineral that gives it flavour and characteristics that carry many health benefits.

Calcium is one mineral that becomes part of the water composition. Calcium help the body develop strong bones. Other parts of the body such as the heart and nerves also need calcium to function properly. So, it is safe to say hard water is good for your health than soft.

Soft water is more suited for hygiene purposes than consumption. For starters, it is much more salty and does not contain essential minerals including calcium. Surfaces cleaned by hard water tend to be less clean compared to those cleaned by soft. This is because soap cannot completely dissolve the magnesium and calcium in the water. In the end, these two compounds prevent our surfaces from being completely clean.

By now it should be clear that the benefits of using a water softener like this https://www.watersoftenergurus.com/apec-roes-50-review/ are more to do with cleaning than any other uses of water.

Promotes Hassle-free Plumbing Systems

As hard water flows through pipes in our plumbing systems some deposits are left behind. Over time the deposits cause corrosion and clogs as they accumulate in the pipes. This will put a strain on the general system and require constant maintenance and replacements of fixtures.

Soft water promotes a hassle-free plumbing system that lasts longer. Water softening devices reduces build up in the pipes. This means, there will be less clogs and corrosion on the surfaces. The plumbing system will operate more effectively for longer.

It is friendly on Appliances

All appliances that use soft water tend to have a longer life than others due to the reduction of clogs and build ups. These two factors decrease the efficiency of the appliances. This means your appliances will have a shorter lifespan. All devices that use water such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines are all affected by the sort of water you use.

Constant use of hard water will eventually cost you a lot of money. You will have to repair and replace them frequently. Constant replacement of appliances generates waste. Waste is not so friendly to the environment. Most of these machines are made from non-biodegradable material such as plastic. Plastic will never become part of the environment, it will only pile up and occupy valuable space.

If you are serious about hygiene, a water softener is a must have in your home. It will save you a lot of money by extending the lifespan of your appliances. Your plumbing system will also be more reliable due to reduced clogs and build ups. Just remember that soft water is best suited for cleaning than consumption.

Whether hobbyist, engineer or maker, over the past few years third parties and chipmakers alike have come
to realize both the power and need for low priced micro-controller devboards. For example the rise of ten to
fifty dollar ARM Cortex kits and the Raspberry Pi retailing at only twenty five dollars. Generally, FPGA boards
don’t come cheap, however, times are changing fast and several FPGA devkits, from both third parties and
chipmakers, have downright shattered or broken the one hundred dollar barrier. This in turn has made way for
low cost FPGA education, hobby projects, prototyping and so on. So, how much do FPGA boards usually cost?
Let’s take a look below.

FPGAs basically range from about ten to hundred dollars. The lowest cost FPGAs go for about ten dollars for
example the low end Xilinx Spartan and Altera Cyclone at directics.com/fpga-board/. These low cost FPGAs, you will find, usually only
have the capacity to run a non complex 8-bit Cpu. This would mean that a 32-bit CPU requires at least 4
times the resources of an FPGA that runs an 8-bit CPU. The ones that barely have enough resources to run
the said 32-bit CPU go for about fourteen dollars. These include systems such as the uCLinux.

The costs of FPGA are usually much higher than those of the devices implemented in silicon. This is largely
due to reconfigurability purposes which bring with it large overhead costs. So it’s unlikely to find a twenty to
thirty dollar FPGA that has similar capabilities with a twenty to thirty dollar ARM CPU. Also, when buying an
FPGA board, you will need to factor in Flash Memory costs which is used to hold the FPGA program. It’s vital
you don’t forget this.

Most FPGA boards that cost below twenty dollars such as the Xilinx XC3S4OOA, which retails for around
sixteen dollars, usually can’t handle a MicroBlaze. FPGA pricing is definitely quite odd, to say the least. When
you get the chance to talk to franchised distributors you’ll realize that the prices quoted at platforms such as
Mouser, Digikey etc can be much higher than what you can really get them for.

The cost will generally depend on your application. How and where do you intend to use the FPGA board. Tiny
control parts with computational parts that benefit large parallelisms of custom hardware would be an ideal
application for low cost FPGA boards. Here even an averaged size FPGA board, such as Spartan or its
equivalent, can outperform most general purpose CPUs. However, that’s still somewhat the best case

The ARM deal with Xilinx allowed them to place ARM cores on FPGA boards. An OS run on MCU will run fine,
however, it can get a little wasteful when it comes to matters concerning FPGA resource building. But in
scenarios where parallel processing is involved then FPGA boards are usually your best bet and an average
sized board which may retail for about fifty dollars, such as the Lattice iCE4O HX8k board, is all you’ll really